Anna Joan 'Love Remains' | MUSIC VIDEO


director - raymon hilkman

choreographer - uri eugenio
cinematography - peter krijgsman
steadycam - maarten langelo
first a.c. - tom selbeck
gaffer - mees roosen
production assistant - pieter athmer
make-up - julia warmerdam
editor - luc van baar
colorist - thijs kern

special thanks to
lampenlicht outlet zaandam, crea amsterdam, wessel rozendaal, lightunit amsterdam, camalot amsterdam

_ music

composer, lyricist, lead vocals, harmony vocals - Anna joan

producer, sound engineer, arranger, keys, mixing engineer - marc alberto

steel guitar - aktaş erdoğan

mixing engineer, mastering engineer - wessel oltheten

_ lyrics

While the wind howls
I hear your voice getting closer
I feel your voice sinking lower
Down my spine

Once the darkness sets in
An empty ceiling emerges
You cover me in clouds
And close my eyes

Look at it now
Guess the wind must blow somehow
We couldn’t turn it down
After all what turned around

But love remains
Love remains
Love remains
My love, remains

Once the ice melted
I could sink into your softness
Lay down in your deepest
Midnight blue

Once the tears dropped
Tried to catch them empty handed
Never knew they could fall into these gaps of mine

Look at it now
The cold got there somehow
Tried to keep it out
Without really knowing how

But love remains
Love remains
Love remains
Love remains
Love remains
Love remains
Love remains
My love