Anna Joan 'Losing' | MUSIC VIDEO


mother - jeanne van maarseveen

director - raymon hilkman
choreographer - uri eugenio
cinematography - bo bolderink
steadycam - boris bergshoeff
first a.c. - ian heijblom
gaffer - thijs besteman, floris bronkhorst
production assistant - esra piké
make-up - julia warmerdam, rosa dros
editor - tim schijf
colorist - erik verhulst

special thanks to
diwave wheels, roel van ewijk, wessel rozendaal, wouter verberkt

_ music

composer, lyricist, lead vocals, harmony vocals - anna joan

producer, sound engineer, arranger, keys, mixing engineer - marc alberto

classical guitar - aktaş erdoğan

mixing engineer, mastering engineer - wessel oltheten

_ lyrics

Takin’ whatever was mine
Takin’ whatever

Can’t you feel the time we’re wasting
Can’t you hear the blood racing, through my veins

I’m losing
I’m losing

Staying strong is what you have to do
Hide this love inside you
Till everything colors blue
It’s all for you
All for you

Breaking it all, all over again
No time for a wish
No time to choose
No time left

I’m losing
I’m losing
I’m losing
I’m losing