Meet Raymon Hilkman (founder of HILK FILM), born and raised in a little town near Amsterdam.
He fell in love with movies at the age of seven after seeing Star Wars and the James Bond adventures. Together with his friends he started making movies with his dad's camcorder dreaming of hitting it big in Hollywood!

He got his first taste of producing commercials on the tropical island of Aruba, creating videocontent for Pizzahut and Burger King. Ever since Raymon is working with the best filmprofessionals to create distinctive content for clients with always the audience on their mind. Always on the lookout for unique stories, he graduated from the School of High Arts Utrecht with the short film Moffenmeid (Disgraced), focussing on dark events during the end of WOII.

Just like the seven year old kid, Raymon keeps on doing what he loves most: telling stories!