Raymon Hilkman (founder of HILK FILM) fell in love with movies at the age of seven after seeing Star Wars and the James Bond adventures. Together with his friends he started making movies with his parents camcorder, dreaming of hitting it big!

He got his first taste at directing commercials on Aruba, where he shot campaings for Pizzahut and Burger King. He graduated from the Utrecht School of the Arts with the award-winning short film 'Disgraced' ('Moffenmeid'). His next short film, the horror-comedy 'The Receder' ('De Overkammer'), was picked up by the American entertainment studio Gunpowder & Sky. After making several documentaries, he directed the moving short film 'Guys Night' ('Mannenavond'). He recently created & co-produced the sketch series '#ElevatorSessions' togheter with BNNVARA, which aims to kick-start new talent.

Just like the seven-year-old boy, Raymon continues to do what he loves most: telling stories with images and sound!