HILK FILM is a production company focussing on film and video content.


We create distinctive work by taking creative risks, with the help of the best filmprofessionals and always with the audience on our mind. 

HILK FILM was founded by filmmaker Raymon Hilkman (1992). His love for film began at the age of seven years old making short films. He got his first taste of making commercials on the Caribbean island of Aruba, filming for Pizzahut and Burger King. In 2015 his documentary RenĂ© van Nie: Kind van de Zon premiered on Dutch and Aruban television. In 2019 he graduated from the School of High Arts Utrecht (The Netherlands) with the short film Moffenmeid, focussing on dark events during the liberation of Holland in 1945. The film premiered at the Dutch Film Festival.